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How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be”, said the cat, “or you wouldn’t come here”. (Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland Ch.6, Lewis Carroll, 1865)

Yesterday’s news said: “French police have smashed a cash-counterfeiting ring that produced over 9 million €-worth of fake banknotes in a hiddenprintshop in a village east of Paris (the biggest ever in French history)“. This reminds us of “Warrior of Love Rainbowman”, a Japanese TV series in the 70’s about a superhero’s battle against a secret society Shineshine-dan whose attempt is to destroy the Nation of Japan. In its “Operation M”, Shineshine-dan printed millions of fake Yen banknotes which caused hyper inflation and social disorder. We notice that most of banknotes contain a portrait of “power and fame” of the nation which secures the credibility of their face value. “Who will save us?” is a multi-media installation of a French artist anthony peskine. In his latest series of work: “Sauveurs” he cut a mask out from a portrait on real banknotes from all over the world. Those look like our “Saviors”, picaresque superheroes, ultimate outsiders, somewhat powered by shamanic force.  There will also be three short videos questioning the power of the nation as an institution, as well as a wall installation “Synonymous Declaration of Human Rights“ whose famous original text is systematically replaced by synonymes generated from software.

“Who will save us?” is accompanied by HASND’s public art work “Putin’s Daughters”, a LED display devices continuously projects the names of Vladimir Putin’s two daughters” names. The passersby can notice it through the gallery’s show window.


Who will save us?

A crisis has been going on for years. Crisis is like terror. All humans, whatever their condition may be, feel threatened. Everyone is waiting to be saved from turmoil by some superior force. 

But the forces themselves are threatened. Heroes cannot be found anymore in yesterday values. If not in the Human Rights, the Government or the Finance, heroes must be somewhere else. 

I am looking for them everywhere I go.  

anthony peskine

June 2012


Putin's Daughters

The project Putins Daughter's began with a simple question in 2010; " What do Vladimir Putin's daughters look like?" The result of an image query of Google's search engine was exceptionally limited. The few images on the internet that appeared were a key selection of family photos of Yekaterina "Katya" and Mariya as babies or young children, and one or two pictures of them as young adults. The resultant shock of an internet search denying a return is at the root of this project. 


After further research, I became aware that Vladimir Putin has made great demands for the privacy, and complete secrecy of his daughters lives. The media fully complies. Vladimir himself is of significant celebrity, fabricating elaborate photo shoots documenting his exaggerated masculinity in the wilds of nature. We are inspired by this case example of power sublimating celebrity and internet experience.


June 16th 2012



Comment savez vous que je suis folle?” demanda Alice. “Vous devez l'être”, dit le chat, “sinon vous ne seriez pas venue”. (Alice au pays des merveilles Ch.6, Lewis Carroll, 1865)

Aux dernières nouvelles: “La police française a démentelé un gang de faux monnayeurs imprimant des faux billets pour plus de 9 millions d'euros (la plus grosse prise dans l'histoire française) dans un atelier clandestin de la banlieue est de Paris“. Cela me fait penser à une série TV japonaise des années 70 “Warrior of Love Rainbowman”, où un superhéros se bat contre une société secrète Shineshine-dan qui essaye de détruire le Japon. Dans ”Opération M”, Shineshine-dan imprime des millions de faux billets de Yen générant hyperinflation et chaos social. Remarquons que la plupart des billets affichent les portraits de la puissance et de la gloire d'une nation ce qui assure la crédibilité de leur valeur nominale. “Who will save us?” est une installation multi-media de l'artiste français anthony peskine. Dans sa dernière oeuvre, il a decoupé un masque dans les portraits de billets de banque du monde entier. Ils apparaissent comme des sauveurs, des superhéros picaresques, des outsiders ultimes, mus par une force shamanique. Acôté, trois courtes vidéos  qui mettent en cause le pouvoir de la nation en tant qu'institution, et aussi une installation murale “Synonymous Declaration of Human Rights“ dont le texte original bien connu est remplacé par des synonymes sortis du logiciel.

“Who will save us?” est accompagnée de l'oeuvre de HASND “Putin’s Daughters”, un bandeau lumineux affichant en continu les noms des deux filles de Vladimir Poutine. Il est visible des promeneurs au travers de la vitrine de la galerie.


Who will save us ? 

Une période de crise, c'est comme une période de terreur. Tous les humains sont en détresse. Chacun rêve d'une force supérieure qui pourrait le sortir du mauvais détour dans lequel il s'est engagé. 

Seulement aujourd'hui, même les forces supérieures attendent d'être sauvées. L'héroïsme, s'il n'est plus dans l'État, dans la République, dans les Droits de l'Homme ou dans la Finance, doit se trouver ailleurs. 

Partout où je vais, je suis à la recherche de cet héroïsme sans relâche. 

anthony peskine

Juin 2012























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