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JJ and Cecel

Melt In The Sun and Freeze Underground from realization to death

Performance by Matthew Lutz Kinoy and Andres Laracuente   July 5 and 7 2006 epic theater Berlin


... Working class will forget both its hatred and its spirit of sacrifice, for both are nourished by the image of enslaved ancestors rather than that of liberated grandchildren.
-walter benjamin.

In “Melt in the sun, Freeze underground” Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Andres Laracuente tell a story about the worker, the passive dreamer, the sexy slave, invisible magic and mental enslavement. Their performance technique uses popular culture as its thread to sew together their web of themes. A story told by mixing sources of performance art, Music videos, historical narratives and cultural myths. These young artists create a performance using large sculpture, video and live music.

The story takes place in ancient Egypt, in the Valley of the Kings. Two slaves realize that they will soon be chosen to sacrifice themselves to the pharaoh. Struggling with their doomed fate as they prepare the kings tomb as well as their own. Join them on their journey as they live and die, then enter the afterlife with them and witness psychedelic freedom.




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