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Toul Otsuki

texte/text - profil/profile

"Soleil" (2011 92 x 73 cm Oil, gold leaf, line stone on panel)

"Alien" (2011 92 x 73 cm Oil, gold leaf, line stone on panel)




left: Sakura Song (2009, oil, tempera, line stone on canvas, in hand painted frame. canvas size=33x43cm frame size=44x54cm )

right: White Sparrow (2011, oil, tempera, line stone on panel, in hand painted frame. panel size=26x36cm frame size=39x48cm )




left : Shikinejima Ishijirogawa Beach (2010, oil, watercolor, line stone , golde leaf on panel 24x66cm)

center : Machibouke-Miyuki Chan (2010, oil, watercolor, line stone , golden leaf on panel 41x32cm)

right : Shikinejima Ohura Beach (2010, oil, watercolor, line stone, golden leaf on panel 24x66cm)


Left: The Godess of Hanami (2008, oil, watercolor, on canvas 24x66cm)

Right: Black Girl (2011, oil, line stone on panel, 24x33cm )



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