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Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

Warped Passage


Texte/Text Profil/Profile

Works from 2005-2007

  Forest Figure (graphite, pastel, charcoal, on paper 48 X 64 cm)   WhiskeyShower (plexiglass, car paint 100x40x195cm) detail
  Rosť Fleures (plexi glass, car paint 60x40x87cm)   Rich, Right, Outdoors (monotype 50x70cm)  
  Pastis Procecco with Rosť Fleures (plexiglass, car paint, steel)      

Champagne (monotype 20x29cm) Cheers Interior (graphite, chalk, oil, pastel, charcoal on paper 48x64cm) Absynth (monotype 20x29cm)
  Atelier with Green Curtains (chalk, oil, pastel, charcoal on paper 48x64cm)  







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