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Daisuke Nagaoka

B. 1973 Yamagata Japan, lives and works in Tokyo

2003 MA in Fine Arts, Wimbledon School of Arts, London

2000 Setsu Mode Seminar, Tokyo

1995 Nihon University, Tokyo

Known for his extremely detailed drawings, Daisuke Nagaoka also creates video work using the process of pencil drawing. On a single sheet of paper, the artist draws one image, erases it and draws the next scene. The video camera captures this several-hour-long process including the movement of Nagaoka's hand, and the footage is edited into a rhythmical drawing animation. The scenes transform and stories progress on a piece of paper.

His recent solo/group exhibitions includes "How far from utopia", Rockwell, London, "the 12th Biennial of Moving images, Geneva", "Jardin Secret", Yukiko kawase Paris, "Awesome Residence", Tokyo Wonder Site, "Ambiguous garden""Ring Wondering", Hpgrp gallery, Tokyo. Besides participating in exhibitions, he has seen actively leading workshops of "live drawing" in Tokyo area.

artist statement

"It is on paper in the repeated circling motion of my pen that the formative layers of my work and actions begin to emerge. Or sometimes these scribbling become qn imqge qnd stqrt moving. In the same way that a cathedral termite creates a home as grand as any soring catherdral, so do I find some metaphor one day in response to my accumulated actions. The expression of this metephor may at times emerge as the form of a living thing, or a gleaming vista, stretching out into an endless expanse like a road movie.

I find some kind of mechanism in metaphor. In the evidence of accumulated and repeated actions it is possible to project a form for our spiritual activities, or give visual expression to out heart. In expressing these intangible elements in this way, the means of expression that is created becomes a miteral vehicle of which we can ride, taking us on a journey to an inner world that exists like the world we know, creating illusion and rich nattative."

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