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Barbara Ryckewaert

From Here to Beyond

(de l'ici vers l'ailleurs)

Texte/Text - Profil/Profile


la nuit americaine (digital print, 2010, mounted on acrylic 33.5x59.5cm)



phobia (digital print, 2010, tryptich 60.5x12.8cm, framed 70x50cm )

blues (digital print, 2010, diptych 56.5x18cm, framed 70x50cm )

refuge (digital print, 2010, diptych 56.5x18.5cm, framed 70x50cm )



wood window (digital print, 2010, mounted on acrylic 50x50cm)

crabes (digital print, 2010, mounted on acrylic, 109.5x47.5cm)









before the light : series of six pictures (digital print, 2010, 24x16cm, framed 31.5x22cm each)


2010 Barbara Ryckewaert


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